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Troubleshooting Wristband

The light on the Wristband is flashing red

The light on the wristband is flashing red to indicate that the battery is low. The wristband is not rechargeable. Replace the wristband as soon as possible by contacting your care provider or

A wristband has ran out of battery

The wristbands have a battery life of approximately 300 days. When the battery has ran out, please return to your care provider or Aquarate and ask for replacements.

How do I assign a new user to a wristband?

If you're using the Aquarate application, 'Hydratrack', a new wristband can be assigned to a user following the software instructions in our user manual. Click here for the download link. Alternatively, please contact your 3rd party care provider.

How do I switch the wristband on and off?

The wristbands are switched on prior to shipping. In the unlikely event that one has switched off, the wristbands can be switched back on with a magnet. To switch on, hold the magnet close to the back of the device for 5 seconds and the light switches on for 5 seconds. To switch off, hold the magnet close to the back of the device for 5 seconds and the light flashes 5 times.

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