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Troubleshooting Hydracup

The light on the Hydracup is flashing red

The light on the Hydracup is flashing red to indicate that the battery in low. Charge immediately following the charging instructions in the user manual

The light on the Hydracup is not flashing green when charging

Hydracup is designed to charge wirelessly only. The green light may not be flashing for a few reasons:

  1. It is not placed flat and central to the wireless charger

  2. It is already charged 100% and should be showing a solid green light

  3. The cup was placed on the charger at 0% and needs some time to switch on

  4. The Hydracup or the Wireless Charger is damaged

Please check the above reasons. If the light is still not flashing please contact customer support on and we will be happy to help.

My Hydracup is not charging

Place the Hydracup onto the top of the wireless charger on a flat surface ensuring the base is central to the charger.

Use the cable provided to connect the wireless charger to the AC adapter and ensure that it is plugged into mains power. The light on the Hydracup will flash green when charging, or have a solid green light when fully charged.

If you're still unable to charge your Hydracup please contact customer support on

What types of liquids can't I use with the Hydracup?

As long as the liquids you're using do not stick to the inside of the Hydracup, then I should function as intended. Liquids which are very thick or might leave residue on the side of the cup (such as foam) will not work with the Hydracup

My Hydracup is not tracking fluid to the Application, what should I do?

There are many reasons why the Hydracup may not be sending fluid consumption data to your chosen application. The most common reason is that your WIFI or Broadband connection in down. Please check your broadband connection. Other common reasons include:

  1. The gateways around the building are out of range or not functioning

  2. The Hydracup has ran out of battery or is damaged

If the problem still persists after checking the above please contact customer support on

I've damaged my Hydracup, what should I do?

If you have damaged your Hydracup which has caused it to stop functioning or has cracked or punctured the plastics, please contact customer support on

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