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Troubleshooting Gateway

The gateway has been reset and I can no longer receive data to the Web Application

Your gateways are pre-configured to your personal WIFI details. If the gateway has been reset, please contact Aquarate support at

The gateway cannot connect to my WIFI router

Depending on the range of your WIFI router, you may need a WIFI extender to ensure that all gateways can connect to it. We recommend placing gateways in locations where the Hydracup is most likely to be used, or to purchase a 3rd party WIFI extender.

The Hydracups are not sending data to the gateways

There are many reasons why data might not be received by the gateways from the Hydracups. The mains reasons are:

  1. The gateways are out of range and you might need more gateways to cover your building

  2. The Hydracup's have ran out of battery and need recharging

  3. The gateway has been reset and needs reconfiguring by Aquarate technical support

  4. The gateway is not plugged in

After checking the above and the problem persists, please contact your care provider or contact Aquarate support at

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