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Training Videos

These training videos cover everything you should need to know about setting up and using your Hydracups. If you need any further help, please contact the team at

Setting Up and Charging your Hydracup

Learn how to set up your Hydracup from receiving the product.

Includes; how to connect your charging cables, how to charge the Hydracup and information about the battery life and LED light indicators. 

Storing your Hydracup

Learn how best to store your Hydracup when not in use. Includes; how to put your Hydracup in 'sleep mode' and how to prepare your Hydracup for use again when needed. 

Filling your Hydracup and Using the Anti-spill Lid

Learn how to fill your Hydracup with drinks and how to use the anti-spill lid.

Includes; how to know when your Hydracup is ready to fill, how much liquid the Hydracup holds and how to attach the anti-spill lid and insert a straw when desired. 

Spill and Pour Events

Learn about spill and pour events with your Hydracup and how you will be notified.

Includes; information on the LED light indicators when a Hydracup is knocked over, how Hydratrack alerts you of a spill or pour event and how to turn off the alert in Hydratrack once sorted.

Cleaning your Hydracup

Learn about the best way to wash your Hydracup and dishwasher settings to check.

Includes; hand washing information and dishwasher do's and don't.

Using Hydratrack

Learn all about our Hydratrack app with a step by step video for each section.

Includes; how to log in, how to add a wristband and resident, how to customise targets for residents and how to view and amend fluid data.  

  • At what distance does the cup recognise the bracelet?
    The Hydracup is continuously scanning for the bracelet and will recognise the closest bracelet to the cup, within a 1m range. The system is intelligent enough to understand which resident is holding and drinking from the cup.
  • If residents are sat together, how does the system know who's cup belongs to who?
    The bracelets are not paired with one individual cup, so a resident could technically drink from any cup and it be recognised on their own fluid intake record. The connection is made between the cup and the individual's bracelet, and understand who is holding and drinking from a specific cup.
  • Can I use thickener in a drink with the Hydracup?
    Yes, you are able to use up to Level 2 thickener with the Hydracup. We recommend anything above this is recorded manually.
  • Are the bracelets waterproof?
    The bracelets are showerproof, so can remain on the wrist in the shower or when washing hands. We don't recommend keeping them on in the bath, or in swimming pools.
  • How quickly does the dashboard update?
    The dashboard will update in real time, with recordings appearing with 10-20 seconds of a sip.
  • Do you have any alternative bracelet designs?
    We currently only offer one type of bracelet. Following feedback, we are working on new designs which will be available soon.
  • Can we top up fluids in the Hydracup or do we need to wait until it's empty?
    You can top up the fluid at any time and do not need to wait until it's empty. The intelligent design understands fluid levels at all times.

Do you have a question that isn't answered above?


Email us at and we'll get straight back to you.

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