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We are delighted to announce record growth with demand for Hydracare exceeding expectations.

Since the full launch of our Hydracare solution for real time management of hydration in care settings at the start of 2022, we have continued to add to our extensive customer list, recently adding Wirral Council, South West London ICB and Sussex ICB. All of these organisations have one thing in common; ensuring that the hydration of our most vulnerable citizens is kept front and centre in an increasingly hectic care world.

Our Hydracare Technology offers a ground-breaking approach to hydration to those who need it most. A simple electronic cup that links seamlessly to a cloud based service, allowing fluid intake to be managed and measured effectively, with KPIs and alerts ensuring that any exceptions can be managed in real time preventing avoidable deaths. Literally saving lives.

In order to meet customer demand, Rebecca Taylor, Aquarate’s CEO provides insight into how we are managing our product supply chain: “We were already predicting significant growth and preempted this by ensuring that critical components in our manufacturing process were already procured and secured well in advance of production runs, meaning that as we go into 2023, we have a robust supply chain in place to keep meeting our customer demand. I am incredibly proud of what we are setting out to achieve – a vision that nobody who is vulnerable should be dehydrated – knowing the consequential impact this has on patient health and wellbeing.

As Aquarate heads into 2023, we expect the growth of our customer base to continue at pace. Aquarate is fully backed by a brilliant investor team, ensuring that we can meet our customer expectations and our Hydracare Technology can get to those who need it the most.”

To find out more about our Hydracare Technology or to book a free product demo, get in touch!


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