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We are delighted to add Norley Hall Care Home to to our extensive customer list.

Dehydration is one of the simplest illnesses to avoid but still leads to thousands of deaths each year, especially amongst the elderly generation.

Within care homes, manual fluid balance charts are still used which are time consuming and hard to keep accurate. On average, carers spend six minutes per day, per resident, monitoring a resident’s fluid this way. This presents a huge potential in freeing up time for other caregiving tasks.

As well as cost savings and a reduction in hospital admissions from care homes, using Aquarate’s Hydracare system to track fluid consumption can also reduce medication needs drastically and provide vital data required by the CQC which proves the care home is meeting their resident’s hydration needs.

Kathryn Rimmer, Registered Manager at Norley Hall, said:

“I think we will benefit from these cups as they will ensure each resident has maintained hydration on a regular basis to ensure their health, wellbeing, and independence is at a good level.

“We can monitor any concerns and put actions into place quickly and effectively as we know dehydration can be a real problem with the elderly and this is something everyone should prioritise.”

Omair Haider, Managing Director of Millennium Care (care home group):

“We chose to partner with Aquarate because we recognise how fundamentally important good hydration is to the overall well-being of those in our care.

“Research has shown the risk that poor hydration can have on cognition, falls prevention and energy levels for those in later life.

“We are impressed with the seamless integration of the Hydracup with real time data and technology that allows us to monitor and trend analyse data for more responsive care.

“All of this has been developed in an easy-to-understand system. In addition to this, we believe that by removing the need for manual entry of fluid intake our care and clinical teams can focus on more meaningful engagement and less task focused care for our residents.”

Rebecca Taylor, CEO of Aquarate said:

“We are delighted to see a care home group such as Millennium Care embrace our technology to provide the very best service for their residents. Millennium Care’s standard of care and quality of homes are impressive and we are thrilled to work with them to update their hydration management to digital and see the lives of the residents improved.”

If you work within care and feel the management of hydration could improve the quality of life for your residents and staff, get in touch!


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