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UK Care Week- Digital and Tech-Enabled Care Summit 2022

With digitalisation and technology becoming more important within the care sector, helping organisations stay connected and improving communications, this virtual event isn't one to miss!

Both digital and technology can help the care sector improve and personalise care, protect and empower the most vulnerable, as well as creating new data points and efficiency gains for care providers. Whilst digitalisation within the care sector was not such a big thing before the pandemic, during and after the pandemic, it has been made apparent of how much it can benefit those both working and living within the sector. From the likes of online consultations, triage systems and record keeping, digital and tech-enabled solutions can significantly help with communications in both organisations and systems in the care sector.

The UK Care Week Summit aims to provide a range of talks and panels on how Digital and Tech-Enabled Care can be used and implemented in care settings. The day will be completely virtual, with attendees able to join online, from anywhere, in addition to it being CPD accredited!

Some of the key takeaways from the summit:

  • understanding which are the best technologies to adopt for more efficient care processes

  • how to keep a person centred approach to care when implementing new technologies

  • learn more about how technology can improve quality of life for those in care and create safer and better care

  • how to manage data more safely and efficiently within your organisation

Cheryl Chapman, Head of Sales at Aquarate will be giving a presentation during the care summit on how easy and cost effective it is to switch to monitoring fluid intake digitally.

Can't wait? Book a free demo with Cheryl at a time that suits you.


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