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Save time, save money and save lives with Hydracare

Did you know, as well as improving the care provided and safety for your residents, Hydracare can also save your care home money?

It is estimated that in a 20 bed care home, each year there are 10 falls and 7 UTI’s leading to hospital admissions each year with a total cost of £42,500 to the NHS.

Monitoring fluid intake through the current manual paper chart method, has a huge avoidable cost associated with it through staff productivity time. In a 20 bed care home, it takes on average around 6 minutes per resident per day throughout the drinks rounds to log fluids. This may not sound like a great deal of time, but this equates to 2 hours each day which totals over £8,000 each year of staffing costs.

Eliminating this task completely by using Hydracare Technology creates over £400 productivity savings per resident per year, allowing your staff to focus on other caregiving tasks.

Using Hydracare to accurately track fluid intake and proactively intervene to increase hydration levels can result in reduced occurrences of:

  • Falls

  • UTIs

  • AKIs

  • Hospital admissions

  • Pressure ulcers/ bed sores

  • Antibiotics needed

  • Laxatives needed

  • Constipation

  • Dizziness

The cost of Hydracare is an all in one subscription cost. Prices start at as little as 40p per Hydracup per day. Care homes can expect to save thousands on staffing costs and associated secondary issues.

So why not start 2023 the right way and see how Hydracare can help your residents, give your staff the tools they need and reduce financial burden. Get in touch to see how Aquarate can help.

*all figures mentioned above are based on averages. References available on demand.


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