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Save thousands of pounds each year whilst improving the care provided to your residents

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Using Hydracare Technology has the potential to save care homes thousands of pounds each year, by just simply swapping residents' cups out.

Some of the key outcomes our customers expect to see by using Hydracare Technology to improve hydration levels and reduce costs:

  • Reduced number of falls

  • Reduced number of UTIs

  • Reduction in time spent monitoring fluid intake manually

  • Improved skin conditions

  • Reduced number of pressure ulcers

  • Improved appetite

  • Reduction in the number of antibiotics needed

  • Reduced cases of constipation

Reducing the number of falls, UTIs and antibiotics needed amongst residents, will not only save money and reduce pressure on the NHS, but will enable older people to maintain their independence longer.

Something as simple as making sure older people are drinking plenty of fluids can make a real difference. We are supplying care homes across the country with our Hydracare system, a digital way of tracking and recording fluid intake sip by sip.

If you’d like more information about our Hydracare system and want to know more about the improvements to care and potential cost savings your organisation could make, request a demo below. From just 40p per resident/ per day, accurate fluid monitoring is accessible for every care home....

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