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Dorset Council’s Festival of the Future 2022

Last week, the 5 day festival showcased a range of exciting digital innovations in Dorset. A pioneering project created to demonstrate how digital technologies can make towns more ‘smart’ places to live and work has been tested and the results were unveiled at the Festival of the Future 2022. This year’s festival featured ground-breaking digital innovation in farming, education, tourism, health and the climate.

Day 4 focused on getting people online, the importance of digital skills, and how digital can help with our health and wellbeing. Aquarate’s Hydracare system was spotlighted as a key tool in helping with hydration management.

To watch the 4th day of the event, held in Bridport, click the link below. To see more about the Hydracup, skip to 54 mins 30 seconds.

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