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Digital Transformation in the Care Sector

2023 is set to see a dramatic and much needed digital transformation in the care sector.

Roughly 40% of care providers in the UK are still using paper-based record systems. But with the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) committing £150 million to see that 80% of care providers implement a digital system by March 2024, this is the year for change!

While the investment is initially for care homes and home care providers, widespread digital transformation will increase through the NHS too. Sajid Javid explained “we must embrace everything that has the potential to make care safer and more seamless. Electronic patient records are the essential prerequisite for a modern, digital NHS. Without them, we cannot achieve the full potential for reform.”

Digitalising records will improve the way that different services and systems talk to each other, reducing admin work and making data flow faster, more accurate and more effective allowing care providers to look after their patients/ residents better.

With Sajid’s intentioned to place focus on the role of technology within healthcare by prioritising personalised care, it’s time for care providers to explore market leaders solutions.

Aquarate’s aim has always been to help the care sector move away from paper based records by using simple, accurate and automated systems such as Hydracare. Staff shouldn’t have to be spending hours each day manually logging residents fluid intake. Using Hydracare allows care providers to efficiently and securely store hydration information.

We have seen fantastic results and great feedback from our current customers on how Hydracare has helped maintain healthy hydration levels for residents, reducing the secondary issues of dehydration whilst saving staff time and the care home money at a time when it’s needed most.

Join the digital movement and get in contact to see how we can eliminate paper fluid charts completely, with just the switch of a cup!


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