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Celebrating the 100th Issue of Care Home Management Magazine!

The latest issue for Care Home Management celebrates almost 30 years of them being part of the care home world!

Providing the latest news, features and information, Care Home Management has been at the forefront of the sector with 100 issues published and we’re proud to be featured on their celebratory front cover.

“In the last 30 years, care homes have changed dramatically to ensure residents get the quality of care they need, as part of the work we do at Aquarate we are envisaging what the next 30 years of home care will look like.

We are incredibly proud to now be part of the care industry, offering an affordable and simple solution which has the potential to save thousands of lives and support care home staff.

There will always be challenges the care sector has to face and today we are delighted to see a raise in care home managers recognising the impact and improvement digital technology can make”

-Rebecca Taylor, Founder and CEO of Aquarate

Get in touch to see why care homes and councils across the country are choosing Aquarate to improve their offering of patient care and are supporting their staff by reducing manual and unnecessary monitoring tasks.


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