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Aquarate’s Hydracup is the latest device to be integrated into Oysta Technology’s IntelliCare™

Oysta and Aquarate have been working together to expand the IntelliCare™ portfolio by adding in the ability to now monitor fluid intake.

Hydration is vital for almost every bodily function and has a huge, direct impact on trips and falls in older adults. Introducing the Hydracup to Oysta’s range, gives the VIP (Vulnerable Independent Person) that extra level of safety, and supports them in preventing avoidable illnesses.

IntelliCare is a smart cloud-based platform which links all devices and sensors into one secure dashboard. Through the devices and sensors, IntelliCare gathers valuable insights as to a Vulnerable Independent Person’s (VIP's) normal activity pattern and their home environment that help inform their care circle of the VIP's personalised care needs. It enables 24/7 support if a VIP is in distress as it links all major Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs.)

Aquarate’s Hydracup automatically tracks a VIP’s fluid intake before feeding the data into Oysta’s smart care platform. The market leading smart cup can tell the difference between a sip, spill or pour, meaning only real consumption is recorded. With Aquarate’s ability to detect any unusual patterns in fluid consumption and Oysta’s ability to detect falls and changes in bathroom habits, family and carers can see a broader view of what is happening and can proactively intervene to provide help when needed.

Aquarate and Oysta are on a joint mission to enable people to continue to live their independent and active life for longer.

Rebecca Taylor, CEO of Aquarate says “Oysta are giving people the freedom to continue to live on their own with the reassurance there when they need it. Technology enabled care is the way forward in our ageing population and giving that extra bit of peace of mind to family and carers is so important! We’re very excited to hear some of the stories as a result of introducing the Hydracup to their lives.”

Mario Zuccaro, Founder of Oysta Technology adds “IntelliCare enables preventative and personalised care and we are delighted that by adding the Hydracup to our strength based platform, we can enhance that further. Through IntelliCare, carers will be able to monitor water intake and identify any signs of health problems caused by dehydration and take preventive action.”

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