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Aquarate’s Hydracare Technology Supports Residents Requiring Fluid Restrictions.

Aquarate's Hydracup monitors fluid intake digitally, eliminating the need for manual recording and reducing staff monitoring time.

But not only does our smart cup automatically track fluid intake to help carers ensure their residents are meeting their fluid intake targets; our Hydracup also helps prevent residents from exceeding their fluid targets if they are on restricted fluids.

Some patients with certain medical conditions such as end-stage kidney disease, renal dialysis, heart failure etc. may be put on fluid restriction to prevent fluid building up in the body, or to reduce excess fluid already present. This extra fluid can cause patients to look puffy in their face and ankles, cause rapid weight loss and can increase their blood pressure. Particular medications can also be a cause for restricted fluids.

This change in daily liquids recommended can be hard to track in care environments and can often be recorded incorrectly through the manual paper fluid charts currently used. Since water is essential for all body functions, there is a delicate balance to maintain individuals optimum hydration levels.

One of our latest care homes using Hydracare have been surprised by the difference between what they were recording on their fluid charts and what consumption our smart cups are recording. “We’ve noticed some of our residents are actually drinking more than we thought as they’ve been getting up themselves and refilling their cups when staff aren’t around which is difficult to check. Family members and visitors also come in and often give their loved ones drinks during their visits which again we wouldn't normally know. But the Hydracups track and record this extra fluid automatically and add it to their daily totals giving us accurate insight that we’ve never had before.”

If you’d like more information about our Hydracare system and want to know more about the improvements to care and potential cost savings your organisation could make, request a demo here.

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