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Aquarate’s Hydracare receives overwhelmingly positive feedback from care homes across Wirral Council

Aquarate’s Hydracare Technology has been used across Wirral Council to ensure that the most vulnerable people in our society are kept properly hydrated, prevent falls and uphold high-quality care.

The feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly positive from the Wirral homes around the product and solution it offers along with feedback on the training that is provided for using Hydracare.

Staff at one care home rated our training as excellent and said they “felt confident in using Hydracare Technology” because the training was presented clearly and in detail with product demonstrations. Positive feedback was also given about their installation experience as our engineers are profesional, friendly and set up the Hydracare solution quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption to the staff.

The best feedback we have received highlights the success and positive changes Hydracare has made to the lives of those living and working in care. Michael Hanrahan, Telecare and Telehealth Manager for Wirral Council has commented, “Hydracare offers the opportunity to confirm that residents are properly hydrated, resulting in better health for them, while reducing the workload on hard-working care home staff.”

Care homes that are using Hydracare have said they would recommend us to other care providers because all residents across the homes have received the Hydracups well and are happy to use them in place of their usual cups, the data on the Hydratrack is incredibly valuable for showcasing to CQC during inspections and staff have also noticed a decrease in the need for antibiotics for UTIs since monitoring fluid intake with Hydracups meaning that the wellbeing of residents is being positively impacted.

If you would like to know more about the benefits and improvements Hydracare can offer your organisation and how automated digital fluid monitoring is the way forward, book a free demo with us today!


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