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Integrated Care Boards
Working together to transform health and social care

Are you ready to revolutionise care within your Integrated Care Board (ICB)? Aquarate is your trusted partner in the journey to enhance healthcare outcomes, streamline processes, and prioritise patient well-being.

How we can help

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Addressing critical challenges

Proper hydration is a fundamental element of patient well-being, and it plays a pivotal role in preventing falls, urinary tract infections (UTIs), and acute kidney infections. Aquarate is designed to address these challenges effectively, reducing the associated healthcare burdens.


Integrating with virtual wards

As healthcare evolves, virtual wards have become essential in providing continuous, remote patient monitoring. Aquarate seamlessly integrates into virtual ward setups, empowering medical professionals to monitor hydration levels with precision, leading to timely interventions and reduced hospitalisations.


The opportunity to innovate

Aquarate's smart cup technology offers an effective solution to allocate resources wisely, improve patient outcomes, and demonstrate a commitment to patient well-being. With hydration being such high priority, it's reassuring to know it's being monitored automatically, 24 hours a day.


Streamlining sustainable discharge

Sustainable discharge processes are vital for both patients and healthcare systems. Aquarate ensures discharged patients maintain proper hydration levels, minimising complications and readmissions, and supporting a smoother transition from the healthcare facility to the home environment.

Why Aquarate?

At Aquarate, we understand the unique challenges faced by care homes. Our innovative hydration monitoring solution has consistently proven its value in transforming patient care across ICBs. The smart cup effortlessly and automatically tracks every sip you take, down to the last millilitre. Giving carers more time to do what they do best – providing love, care, and attention to those who need it most.

Who we're working with

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No matter how much you watch the residents drinking, it's really difficult to know how much they have actually had. Aquarate is easy to use and shows when residents are not drinking enough.

Nurse, Elderholme Nursing Home

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