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The hydration management system made for carers

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The world's first smart cup that seamlessly integrates with care systems, saving valuable staff time while delivering exceptional quality care.

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How does it work?

It's simple. Each resident has a cup assigned to them (we recommend having a minimum of two cups per resident) which, thanks to some smart technology embedded in the cup, automatically detects when a resident is drinking from it.

As residents sip from their cups, our Hydratrack platform records the fluid intake in real-time, providing care staff with accurate daily fluid totals and enabling you to monitor hydration levels with ease.


Fluid intake measurements

Measure fluid volume 24/7. Hydracup knows exactly how much your patients have had to drink.

Spill detection

Never miss a spill with intelligent fall and impact detection. No need for the guesswork, Hydracup does it for you.

Long-lasting battery life

With over 5 days of uninterrupted usage, you can rely on Hydracare whenever you need it.

Commercial dishwasher safe

Engineered to be commercial dishwasher safe for easy and quick cleaning (Up to 60°C).



Real-time fluid intake data

No more paper based records to fill in. See personalised consumption data flow in so you can concentrate on even more care.

Fluid intake history

Keep track of what's happened in the past.

Spill and pour detection

No need to worry about accidental spills or pours - the Hydratrack platform detects them automatically.

Restricted fluid management

See when your residents have surpassed their allowable consumption limit. 

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Want to learn more about how Hydracare could benefit you?
Let’s jump on a quick call and one of our hydration experts can tell you more.

Why Hydracare?

Improved hydration levels

Our system ensures residents stay adequately hydrated, leading to better overall health and well-being.

Time saving efficiency

Check data periodically and reduce monitoring time by a staggering 80% compared to current manual methods. 

Simplified documentation

No more manual recording or guesswork about hydration levels. Real-time, accurate data is right at your fingertips.

Cost savings

By streamlining nursing monitoring time, you'll save significant resources and budget. See how much >

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