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Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to precise, automated fluid monitoring

Hydration reinvented

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For Care Homes

No matter how much you watch the residents drinking, it's really difficult to know how much they have actually had. Aquarate is easy to use and shows when residents are not drinking enough "

Nurse, Elderholme Nursing Home


More than just a cup

With over 40,000 hydration-related deaths a year, monitoring and managing fluid intake as we age is of paramount importance. That's why we've infused smart technology into each and every Hydracup, revolutionising fluid monitoring for improved hydration and reduced risks within care.

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Intuitive by nature

The Hydratrack platform automatically logs all fluid intake, in real time, removing the need for manual recording or guesswork about hydration levels. The platform stores all data, allowing you to monitor fluid intake, track patterns, and help caregivers make informed decisions about hydration management.

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The world’s first automated hydration tracking system

In a world where every step we take is meticulously tracked and our heart rates are continuously monitored, why should we settle for outdated manual logs and relying on memory to track our fluid intake? Hydracare from Aquarate is a smart cup that effortlessly and automatically tracks every sip you take, down to the last millilitre. Giving you more time to do what you do best – providing love, care, and attention to those who need it most.

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